Why Customers Choose Coast to Coast For Their Countertop Needs

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When it comes to choosing a company for your countertop needs, customers in Lexington have been turning to Coast to Coast for their high-quality services and exceptional customer service. Here at Coast to Coast in Lexington, we specialize in an array of countertop materials, including granite, quartz, quartzite, and marble, as well as countertop finishes and edges. But what sets Coast to Coast apart from our competition? Let’s take a deeper look.

Expert Installation Process

At Coast to Coast, we offer a seamless installation process that starts with a free in-home consultation. During the consultation, our amazing team will ask you questions about how you use your kitchen, what kind of style you’re looking for, and what kinds of features you need to make your kitchen work for you. With a clear understanding of your design goals, the team at Coast to Coast will start working on a layout that will make the most of your space.
After the design selection, we will get a template at your home to ensure the countertops fit perfectly. We will then work with you to make any changes or adjustments to the design so that we can get the process going. Once you are pleased with the countertop design, our team at Coast to Coast will start the installation process. During installation, we will make sure everything is perfect and exceeds your expectations so that you will not only like it but love it!

Experience & Reputation

Coast to Coast in Lexington is a well-established countertop company that has been operating in Lexington for several years. Throughout our tenure, we have completed 317+ projects all over Lexington and the surrounding areas. With so many projects completed under our belt and satisfied customers, we can confidently say that we are experienced professionals that have worked with a wide variety of customers, whether they are residential or commercial. What we value most is our customer service, and with over 40 positive Google reviews, our satisfied customers are the evidence of our amazing services and high-quality materials.

Unmatched Customer Service

At Coast to Coast in Lexington, our customer service is unmatched. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we ensure that everything is perfect and exceeds our customers’ needs and wants. We take pride in providing the best quality work possible, all while offering fair and competitive pricing. We know that each customer is unique, and that is why they provide a personalized service that is tailored to each individual project. Our team of professionals at Coast To Coast pay very close attention to every detail to make sure that the countertops are installed with precision and expertise. We also make sure that the final product is exactly what you had envisioned or even better.

Staying up to Date with the Latest Trends

At Coast to Coast, we believe in staying up to date with the latest countertop trends and materials. We are dedicated to offering our customers the latest and highest-quality materials. By staying up to date with current trends and ensuring that the materials we receive are of the highest possible quality, our team at Coast to Coast can provide you with the best quality materials and work for our customers and clients.


Coast to Coast is the clear choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom or kitchen countertops. Our extensive experience, unmatched customer service, dedication to the latest trends, and exceptional quality of work make us the trusted choice in Lexington. Our team of professionals prides themselves on our personalized service and attention to detail, ensuring that you receive the customized service you need to fit your individual preferences.
If you are a Lexington resident looking for high-quality countertop services, we encourage you to reach out to us at Coast to Coast today and schedule your free in-home consultation. We are dedicated to providing only the best materials and services while ensuring that your needs and wants are always met and exceeded. Upgrade your bathroom or kitchen countertops with Coast to Coast today and enjoy your home’s new look!